What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the service that supports the transfer of property. While the process may seem straightforward, any problems that occur during the process can cost you thousands of dollars. A conveyancer drafts and reviews documentation such as Contracts for Sale and Contracts for the Sale of Land. A Conveyancer also does everything necessary to make sure you meet your critical dates and they also liaise with the other party's representation.  In most cases, a buyer and seller will engage a Conveyancer to act on their behalf and in their best interests. A Conveyancer ensures that the property transaction goes smoothly.

Why do I need a conveyancer?

It's important to have a qualified conveyancer to make sure that your interests are being represented and to ensure the process goes smoothly. Having a Conveyancer will give you peace of mind knowing that your interests are being looked after throughout the process.  
Should any issues arise during the conveyancing process then our team of property and commercial lawyers are on hand to assist and make sure your interests are protected.

What are outlays / property searches?

Property searches are undertaken in the conveyancing process for the purposes of making adjustments to the purchase price at settlement (for example, water, rates, body corporate etc). Searches are also undertaken to ensure that there are no major issues with the property which, had you otherwise known about, you may not have purchased the property.

Why are search fees sometimes different prices?

In Queensland, the local government authorities have different fees for their searches, our total price will vary from locality to locality. If you need help understanding searches then please contact us and we can answer your questions. For residential home or land purchases, we carry out the following property searches required to reasonably secure your purchase:

Standard Search Package includes :
- Title Search upon receipt of the contract
- Council Rates & Water Search which reveals information about the state of the rate account)
- Land Tax Clearance Search
-Title Search on the day of settlement
- Body Corporate Information Certificate which reveals information about body corporate levies. (Only required should you be purchasing a unit or townhouse).

There are additional searches that you may wish for us to do. Please give us a call to discuss.

Need a property lawyer?

Worried about your sale or purchase? Want to speak to a lawyer?
At Nxt we have a team of experienced property lawyers who can provide legal advice on your property law matter. Whether you need some simple advice or have a complicated transaction our team is ready to assist you.

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