JP van Zyl

Senior Associate

JP has over 25 years' experience practising as a solicitor mainly specialising in structuring financial transactions, investments, loans and restructuring of debt. During this time, he also gained extensive experience in commercial litigation matters. His knowledge of legislation and regulations have made his input invaluable when it comes to compliance and contractual arrangements. He has also been involved in structuring private equity funding, especially venture capital, for niche products with as much security and protection for the parties as possible. Not only has he been part of the negotiating and contractual side of capital investments, but his 25 years of litigating in superior courts gives him the insight to foresee possible complications on the horizon.

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  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Graduate Diploma Legal Practice
  • Admitted to practice in Queensland and South Africa
  • RG146 Compliant

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  • Financial services
  • Corporate and commercial matters
  • Litigation
  • Property

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